Cash Coaster Slots

Are you the type who enjoys spending time at an amusement park? Would you rather take a casino vacation? With Cash Coaster slots, you can bring together the best of both worlds. Now, we’re talking about some serious excitement!

As an IGT video slot machine, you’ll never regret sitting down, spinning the reels, and waiting for that “roller coaster feeling” to enter your stomach.

A Game Full of Thrills

With an amusement park theme, you can only imagine how many reel symbol choices IGT considered. The company settled on some of the best, including but not limited to ice cream, caramel apples, and snow cones. Along with this, you’ll come across several types of Lucky Number 7 icons as game play picks up.

IGT never disappoints when it comes to extra features, and that’s exactly what you get when you sit down and play Cash Coaster.

The company is proud of this game, making note of everything from the wild feature to the Free Spins bonus.

The wild symbol is easy to pinpoint, as it’s labeled clearly with the word Wild. With this, the wild acts as a substitute for any other symbol, outside of the Free Spins. In short, this feature is all about giving you more chances to win.

Cash Coaster Slot MachineThe Free Spins bonus is the one that will get you most excited. This is triggered when you collect a minimum of three Free Spin symbols anywhere on the reels. If you’re lucky enough for this to happen, you’re awarded a minimum of four free spins along with 30x payouts during the bonus round.

Other details worth pointing out include:

  • 3D imagery brings the game to life, making you feel as if you’re actually riding a super fast roller coaster.
  • 1970’s music that gives the game an “old school” feel.
  • Touch screen functionality.

While not the most advanced game on the casino floor, Cash Coaster slots have everything you could want in a machine.

Go Big, Go Small, but Don’t Go Home

As a penny slot machine, you’ll never need a lot of money to play this game. But that doesn’t mean it’s only for budget minded players. With the ability to bet up 2,000 credits, this is a perfect game for high rollers as well.

With 5-reels and 30-paylines, the configuration of a Cash Coaster slot machine will never have you confused. Here are some other game details:

  • Payback percentage of 85.2 percent to 96.1 percent.
  • Top award of 500 credits with one credit bet per payline.
  • Medium bonus hit frequency.

Note: the jackpot of 500 credits is awarded if you land five red 7 symbols.

Note: casinos have the option to adjust many of these game details. For example, you may find that the maximum bet is set to 400 credits (not 2,000). This may change your betting strategy, but it doesn’t alter the other details of the game.

The SlotsJack Summary

Who doesn’t like to spend a day of fun at an amusement park? Even better, who doesn’t like to spend a few hours (or more) playing the slot machines?

IGT is one of the kings of the casino industry, and this shows through once again with Cash Coaster slots.

This game packs the joys of an amusement park into a well designed slot machine. If you enjoy beautiful graphics, exciting audio, and plenty of bonus features, you’ll have a hard time passing this game by.