Celtic Queen Slot Machine

When you play a Celtic Queen slot machine by Aristocrat you should never expect “more of the same.”

While it shares some features with others in the company’s huge library of games, it’s the unique experience that keeps players coming back for more.

As a video slot game with modern features, including advanced graphics and audio, you’ll never struggle to wonder why you’re playing. Instead, you’ll find yourself immersed in Celtic culture and hoping for big winnings along the way.

A Different Type of Slot Game

With games like Sweet Skulls, you already know what Aristocrat is capable of in the creativity department. But the company didn’t stop there. With Celtic Queen, you’ll feel a strong connection from the first moment you sit down to spin the reels.

When you add together the large game screen, high quality graphics, and multiple reel sets, you have something unique. Then, when the reels spin and you realize how much you can win, nothing will stop you from continuing on your journey to success.

A True Player’s Game

Celtic Queen Slots OnlineHave you ever played a slot machine where it seems that you are always up against the wall?

With Celtic Queen slots, you’ll always feel like you are in control. This is a true player’s game, due in large part to the many ways to win.

With three separate reel sets, all consisting of five reels, you have options as you get started.

Also, the game is equipped with Aristocrat’s famous Reel Power technology, meaning that there are no traditional paylines. Instead, you have the opportunity to create a winning combo across all the reels, thus improving your chance of success.

Tip: if you want to take things to the limit with each spin, use the max bet button. This means you are wagering more money, but it also puts you in position to win more – and that’s what you want, right?

Reel Symbols

To go along with traditional Celtic items, reel symbols also include playing card values ranging from Jack to Ace.

The most valuable symbols are those associated with Celtic culture, so you should get most excited about the ship, shield, harp, and sailor among others.

Note: the maximum payout is 50x your initial wager.

Get Busy with a Bonus

Playing a Celtic Queen slot machine in base form is not as good as it gets. There are many special symbols that take you to a bonus game, thus allowing you to take home some extra large payouts.

The wild symbol is a player favorite. Three or more of these on the small reel set will ensure that more wilds appear on the large set.

The scatter symbol, which appears as a Celtic icon, is also full of excitement. You need five or more of these to activate the 15 free spin bonus game.

During your free spins, wild symbols are used to boost your winnings. Also, you can collect more spins by once again landing five scatters.

Why You Should Play Celtic Queen Slots

With so many other games to choose from, there’s no guarantee that you’ll sit down to play this one. But before you pass it by, let’s talk about some of the top reasons to give it a try:

  • You won’t find many slot games with a more unique theme. It’s this that will keep you excited about the machine, one spin after the next.
  • Wild and scatter symbols are common, allowing you to not only win more money but to spin the reels for free.
  • You can play the game in land based and online casinos for real money.

Are you still wondering how this slot machine has become such a big hit in a relatively short period of time? This video may change your thinking, as it shows a player hitting for 1,635 credits on a minimum bet. It’s not the biggest jackpot, but it’s a nice start when you aren’t betting a lot of money.

Final Thoughts

From top to bottom, there’s a lot to like about Celtic Queen slot machines. Not only are they available in large numbers at brick and mortar casinos, but you can also play online if it suits your style.

The theme is one of the best features of the game, but don’t let this cloud your view of the other benefits. There are big jackpots, a cool free spin bonus round, and a wild symbol that does wonders. Add this to 1,458 ways to win and you’re staring at a machine with lots to offer.