Dazzle Me Slot Machine

With some online slot machines, the name alone is enough to get you excited about playing. This is how we feel about Dazzle Me slots by NetEnt.

The name of the game corresponds nicely with a theme full of precious gems. As you spin the reels, the graphics and audio will have your head spinning (in a good way) with bright colors and upbeat sounds.

As one of the newer games from NetEnt, you shouldn’t expect this one to be similar to earlier releases from the company. Instead, you’ll quickly realize that this video-based game is equipped with all the modern features players expect.

A Unique Game

Every slot game has its own unique features, but this one takes this theory to the next level.

When compared to other slots by NetEnt, such as Crime Scene, the first thing you’ll recognize is the configuration.

With 5-reels, the Dazzle Me slot machine is the same as hundreds of others. But things get interesting when you look at the paylines. With 76 lines, there’s nothing standard about this game.

Adding to the unique configuration is a variety of magnificent features, including:

  • LinkedReels
  • Free Spins
  • Dazzling Wild Reels

Dazzle Me Video Slot ReviewWe’ll talk about these features later in our review, as there’s two other things to touch on right now:

  • The Dazzle Me free slot machine is just as popular as the real money version. It attracts millions of players, such as those who are focused mainly on having a good time.
  • It can be played on your mobile device. For instance, iPhone and iPad users can spin the reels while they’re eating dinner, traveling to work, or hanging out on the sofa. How cool is that?

Note: you can visit the official game page for more details and the opportunity to play.

Big Time Glitz

Everything about the Dazzle Me slot machine screams “look at me.” This holds true with the theme, the reel symbols, and of course, the many features that can turn you into a big winner.

If you decide to play with real money, you can do so for as little as 0.2 coins per spin. For high rollers, there’s nothing wrong with making a larger wager. In fact, this will put you in position to win the biggest prizes.

With the Dazzling Wild Reels, any of the five reels can instantly turn into wild symbols. With these symbols replacing all others, with the Free Spin symbol the only exception, you definitely have a greater chance of winning.

Speaking of free spins, three or more of these will trigger the Free Spin bonus round. With three symbols you receive eight free spins, with four you get 12, and with five you’re awarded the maximum of 16.

It’s during the Free Spin bonus that you have the opportunity to get involved with the LinkedReels feature. Before your free spins commence, two adjacent reels “link up” and share the same exact symbols. This can happen with the first and second reel or the third and fourth reel.

Our Dazzle Me Slot Review

It goes without saying that this isn’t the only game based on the theme of gems and diamonds. For example, RTG’s Diamond Dozen takes a similar approach.

Our review touches on the basics of the Dazzle Me slot machine, but once you begin to play you’ll realize that there is much more than what we’ve discussed. At SlotsJack, our two favorite things about the game are:

  • The LinkedReels feature
  • The 5-reel, 76-payline layout

If you want to experience these features, among many others, find a NetEnt casino and spin the reels.