Dolphin Treasure Slots

When you think of slot machines by Aristocrat, many will move to the forefront of your mind. Along with games like Miss Kitty, Dolphin Treasure has been a player favorite since day one.

With a unique, interesting, and attractive theme, your eyes will never wander when you’re playing this game. Instead, you’re sure to stay focused on the screen at all times. From the audio to the graphics to the many extra features, there is no reason for any disappointment.

Things to Know

Getting started, Dolphin Treasure slots has a 5-reel, 20-payline configuration. This is a classic setup that lends itself to easy game play and the ability to follow along, one spin after the next.

Reel symbols stick with the theme, including a seahorse, sea turtle, and octopus among others. In true Aristocrat fashion, some reels are filled with playing card symbols.

Here are two special reel symbols to watch for:

  • Golden sunset is the wild symbol.
  • Treasure chest is the scatter symbol.

Dolphin Treasure Slots Online ReviewThe wild can substitute for any other symbol, with the exception of the treasure chest. Best yet, when this symbol is part of a winning combo, your payout quickly grows.

Getting started is as simple as making the minimum wager per payline, which is set at two credits. But remember, you can place a wager on up to 20 paylines. On the top end, you can place a bet of 100 credits on each payline, making for a total wager of 2,000.

Dolphin Treasure slots, much like other games by Aristocrat, add increased action through a free games bonus. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The bonus is activated when you collect three or more scatter symbols.
  • Activating the bonus game is good for 15 free spins.
  • During free spins, any win is multiplied by 3x.
  • As you make your free spins, you can retrigger the feature.

There is one last thing that adds to the enjoyment of this slot game: the use of a gamble button.

After any win, you have the opportunity to hit this button. If you do, you’re presented with two options:

  • Choose a playing card’s suit.
  • Choose a playing card’s color.

If you correctly choose the suit, your winnings are multiplied by 4x. Choosing the right color will double your payout.

Spin the Reels for Free Online

Dolphin Treasure slots are well known for their prominence in Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos, but there’s another option to consider: playing online.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to play this game online with real money. Doing so is similar to the traditional experience, with the only difference being that you are playing via your computer or mobile device.

For those who are not permitted to play real money games, a free version is something to consider.

A free Dolphin Treasure slot game can still be fun, thanks to the bonus features and attractive theme. Furthermore, this gives you the opportunity to learn more about the game, which could work in your favor should you play with real money in the future.

Cool Dolphin Facts

Are you wondering why Aristocrat would choose a dolphin theme? There are many reasons for this. Not only is it a well known marine mammal, but it’s one of the most beautiful creatures of the ocean.

Here are some cool facts about this mammal:

  • There are many species of dolphins spanning the world’s oceans.
  • Some species of dolphins have a life span of up to 80 years.
  • Dolphins rely on echolocation to hunt.

These tidbits don’t have anything to do with the slot machine, but they lend some insight into why Aristocrat may have selected this mammal as a game theme.

The SlotsJack Take

Players who enjoy simple yet exciting slot games should take the time to play Dolphin Treasure. There’s nothing complicated about the game, yet it’s full of advanced features that will keep you engaged.

At SlotsJack, we are suckers for a good animal themed game and we consider this to be one of the best!