Double Ya Luck Slots

Players expect a lot from Realtime Gaming (RTG), as the company has the reputation for being one of the top developers of online video slot machines.

Double Ya Luck slots, a game released to players in 2015, has proven itself time after time.

With graphics and animation providing a traditional look and feel, old school players will fall in love. But of course, there are plenty of modern features, such as a progressive jackpot, that make it a top choice among others.

If you know anything about RTG, it’s that the company is dedicated to providing players with a reliable, exciting, and advanced experience. There aren’t many games that prove this better than Double Ya Luck.

The First Step

There’s nothing complicated about the game, with players of all experience levels able to sit down and play.

The 3×3 configuration, combined with vibrant colors over a casino background, makes it easy to keep your eyes on the screen at all times.

If you want to play, you have a couple of options for getting started.

First things first, the minimum wager is $.10 per payline. With the ability to play up to three paylines, you can see just how affordable it is to get started.

Double Ya Luck ReviewIt can be a lot of fun to wager real money, but the Double Ya Luck slot machine can also be played for free.

Playing for fun means one thing: never taking a risk with your hard earned cash. Instead, you’re playing on the house for nothing more than a good time.

Tip: some players opt for the free version as a means of learning more about the game and how it works. Once they’re comfortable with the machine, they make a deposit and try their hand at winning real money.

Big Money to be had

There is plenty of money to be won, both in base gameplay as well as via the many bonus features.

As a low denomination online game, you’ll never win as much with this one as you would a land based machine, such as Sky Rider by Aristocrat. Even so, there’s nothing chintzy about Double Ya Luck.

The maximum you can win during the base game is 1,000 credits. Again, it’s not the biggest payout, but it’s far from the smallest (especially when you consider the low starting bet).

There’s also a progressive jackpot attached to the machine, with the counter above the reels displaying the current payout. At $222, the jackpot starts small but can quickly grow to four figures or more.

Is Luck on Your Side?

Thanks to the name of the game, you’ll always be wondering if luck is on your side. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Even so, you’ll always anticipate the next spin of the reels.

Reel icons are associated with classic Las Vegas slots, including but not limited to diamonds, cherries, dollar signs, bells, BAR symbols, and seven symbols.

There are a variety of special symbols, including those with the words Double, Ya, and Luck.

If you land any one of these on the first, second, or third reel, you’ll activate a gamble bonus in which you’re prompted to guess the suit of a playing card. If successful, you can win up to 40 games along with a 4x multiplier.

You should also pay close attention to any reel with the word Double on it, as this is the wild. Just the same as other slots, the wild can stand in for any other, with exception of the lucky 7 scatter (also the Ya, Luck, and red dice), to help you form a winning combination.

Note: three wilds pay out the largest jackpot of 1,000 credits.

Why Play a Double Ya Luck Slot Machine?

With so many RTG games to choose from, you may find yourself asking why you should spend your time and money with this one.

That’s a good question that only you can answer. However, we’ll take this time to tell you why it’s one of our favorites:

  • The classic configuration, reel symbols, and graphics are a throw back to the past. You won’t find this with many other online slot machines.
  • The progressive jackpot starts small, just over $200, but can quickly grow. Don’t be surprised to find the jackpot sitting at $2,500 or more as you play.
  • You aren’t required to play with real money, as free Double Ya Luck slots are available at most online casinos that offer RTG games.

If you’re the type of player who enjoys traditional slots, if you’re the type of player who wants to chase a progressive jackpot, you’ll want to pay close attention the next time you come across this machine.

From base gameplay extras to the bonus features, the Double Ya Luck online slot machine offers many of the things players are looking for.