KISS Slot Machine

Do you remember when the KISS slot machine game was introduced to the public at G2E 2012? Not only did WMS Gaming release the game at the largest industry trade show, but it did so in style by inviting along band members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

As a fan of the band, it goes without saying that you’ll be mesmerized by everything this machine has to offer. But get this: even if you don’t know the first thing about KISS, you can still enjoy the time you spend playing the game. With big payouts, plenty of features, and the highest quality graphics and audio, every spin of the reels is one you’ll remember.

The Details of KISS Slots

So, what makes this game so popular in casinos where there are thousands of options? The obvious answer to this question is the theme. However, it goes well beyond this.

The band is featured throughout the game and its music plays continually. This gets you in the mood to rock. It also gets you in the mood to win.

Once you get over the theme and realize it’s time to spin the reels, here is some information that will come in handy:

  • 5-reel, 100-payline setup.
  • Maximum bet of 40 credits.
  • Use of the WMS “colossal reels” setup.

The symbols are exactly what you would expect, including: images of individual band members, Gene Simmons’ long tongue, image of the band, and a variety of poker card values.

When playing the real money version of a KISS slot machine, you can wager anywhere from a dime to $5 per payline. With a maximum bet of $250, this is considered by many to be a high roller machine.

With the chance to win a jackpot of $2,500, you’ll want to continue spinning the reels. Since this isn’t the largest jackpot around, it is paid out more often than most others.

Tip: keep your eyes out for both a scatter and wild symbol, as the presence of one or both will increase your winnings.

Bonus Action

What would this slot game be without some bonus action? There are a variety of bonus features, each one meant to increase enjoyment and push your winnings to the next level.

With three KISS Shout it Out Loud scatter symbols on the reels, you’ll find yourself entering the bonus round. Starting with a backstage pass to a KISS concert, you are prompted to select from several on screen options. This takes you to the free spins bonus, pick ‘em bonus, or Band Prize. Regardless of where you end up, when your bonus fun comes to an end you are sure to have more credits to your name – and that’s what matters most.

Here is a breakdown of what to expect in the bonus round:

  • Three scatter symbols activates a 2x multiplier and eight free spins.
  • Four scatter symbols activates a 5x multiplier and 12 free spins.
  • Five scatter symbols activates a 20x multiplier and 20 free spins.

Can you imagine how much you can win with a 20x multiplier in place? Best yet, you don’t have to wager your own money for the chance to win. This is the best of both worlds.

Play at an Online Casino

KISS slots are most popular in land based casinos. You’ll find this game in establishments all over the United States, especially those in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

If you are unable to play in person, you can always play this game online through one of many WMS casinos.

Playing online starts with a big decision: will you play for free or with real money? Either way, the action is intense. While some opt to deposit funds and spin for the chance to win big, others would rather play for free.

With free KISS online slots, the theme and excitement is very real. Additionally, you can learn how the game works, including the finer details of the popular bonus round, without risking any money.

About the Band

KISS is one of the greatest hard rock bands of all time, and not just because its members paint their face and put on a thrilling show.

Since 1973, the band has been putting out award winning music for fans from one side of the world to the next.

KISS has had many band members over the years, including:

  • Gene Simmons
  • Paul Stanley
  • Eric Singer
  • Tommy Thayer
  • Bruce Kulick
  • Vinnie Vincent
  • Eric Carr
  • Mark St. John
  • Peter Criss
  • Ace Frehley

While Simmons may be the most famous band member, each and every one of these guys has helped KISS reach legendary status.

KISS has won more awards than most bands dream about. Some of these include:

  • Metal Edge Readers’ Choice Band of the Year: 1996
  • Metal Edge Readers’ Choice Best Concert Performance: 1998
  • People’s Choice Favorite New Song: Beth in 1977
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee: 2014

This level of success typically leads to a large following. With millions upon millions of fans all over the world, it only makes sense that KISS slots would be a big hit.


When you walk into a casino or sign in online, it won’t be long before you have your choice of many slot machines. It’s your decision as to which one you play, but here’s something to remember: you can’t go wrong with KISS.

This game is second to none in regards to its theme, audio, and bonus features. Add in the opportunity to win big and you have a machine that will continue to attract players for many years to come.