Phoenix Riches Slots

Not to be confused with Phoenix Fantasy, another popular Aristocrat slot machine, this game features one of the best configurations and feature lists in the industry.

Aristocrat speaks highly of its Phoenix Riches slot machine, noting that it’s available in both the Viridian Widescreen and Vii cabinets. Adding to this, there are a few other details worth mentioning at this point:

  • The game is part of the famous More Power lineup.
  • It is available in denominations ranging from one cent to $10.
  • It provides a free games feature that is second to none in regards to excitement and potential payouts.

Note: this official promo video from Aristocrat provides an inside look at the game and its many features.

The Theme

It may not be the most unique theme, but that doesn’t stop players from enjoying everything that Phoenix Riches slots have to offer.

The reel symbols provide a good overview of what the theme is all about, as these include golden ornaments, old coins, and Chinese fruit. In other words, everything about the game is based on traditional Chinese culture.

Place Your Wager, Hope for the Best

Phoenix Riches Slot Game ReviewSince there is no way to guarantee slot success, it’s imperative to understand how to place a wager and what this means to your chance of winning.

Regardless of how much you wager, nothing changes the fact that you can win in one of 243 ways. It’s this setup that attracts players, as it puts you in position to win every time the reels spin.

Now, let’s examine a few other things you need to know:

  • The golden Chinese Yen coin acts as the scatter.
  • The scatter symbol pays up to 50x your total wager, with this based on how many you collect on the screen.
  • Three or more scatter symbols leads to the bonus round in which you’re awarded 10 free spins.

No player will ever tell you that free spins are a bad thing. Instead, especially when it comes to Aristocrat games, this is a feature you want to enjoy as often as possible.

Since Phoenix Riches is part of the More Power series, the free spin feature is even more exciting. The reason for this is simple: more winning combinations are added.

During your free spins, the Chinese Yen symbol is replaced by a coin symbol. If you receive five of these, another row of symbols is added to the action. When this happens, you now have 1,024 ways to win.

But that’s not all. If you collect 10 of these, yet another row of symbols will appear. Now, you can win in one of 3,125 ways.

You won’t experience the thrill of this added feature every time you enter the free spin game, but the possibility is always there. If you get on a hot streak, you could find yourself pulling in thousands upon thousands of credits.

Yes, it’s a Unique Experience

One of the primary pitfalls of Phoenix Riches is that many people look down on the Chinese culture theme. Not because it’s a bad thing, but because they have played many other games with a similar experience.

You shouldn’t let this stop you in your tracks. Sure, the theme is similar to some others, but take our word for it: the experience is unique. You don’t have to look any further than the free spin feature to realize this.

Our Phoenix Riches Slot Machine Review

Due to the fact that the theme is similar to others, you may never truly understand what Phoenix Riches offers until you sit down and spin the reels.

At SlotsJack, we’ve come to the conclusion that there is more to this machine than the theme. The things we like include:

  • The More Power feature.
  • Use of Viridian Widescreen and Vii cabinets, making for a high quality experience.
  • A free spin game that can “go wild on you” at any time.

There are other games that share this theme, but remember this: you won’t find many that have the same high level of features in a cabinet that is known for its advanced gaming experience.