Shaman’s Dream Slots

Shaman’s Dream is a well known video slot machine developed by Aristocrat and available for play in casinos all over the world.

Everything about the game is based on a Native American theme. From the reel symbols to the audio and graphics, you’ll never have to think twice about what game you’re playing.

Although Aristocrat is responsible for many of the top slot games of all time, such as Imperial House, there aren’t many that can keep up with this one in regards to the two F’s: fun and features.

Go Back in Time

A Shaman’s Dream slot machine takes you back many years to a time when Native Americans roamed the countryside. While you’re taking a trip through history, don’t forget to stop along the way for a chance to win a big payout.

Shaman's Dream GameWhile there are five reels, each one consisting of multiple symbols, there is no fixed number of paylines. Instead, the game uses Reel Power technology, giving players 243 ways to win.

It’s this one feature, much the same as other Aristocrat games, that has made Shaman’s Dream so popular. After all, who doesn’t want to play a machine in which there are more than 200 ways to win?

The amount of your payout depends on two factors: the size of your initial bet and the symbols that you land on the reels.

Tip: if you want the best chance at a big payout, use the “bet max” feature. This allows you to make the highest possible wager without ever thinking twice.

The Reel Symbols

The paytable associated with Shaman’s Dream slots is similar to what you see with other Aristocrat games. There are the most common symbols, including playing card values, that payout on the low side.

Conversely, there are symbols unique to the game that payout much more. These include: horn, mask, drum, and flower. As the highest paying symbols, these are the ones you want to see as often as possible.

Extra Features

Playing a Shaman’s Dream slot machine means getting excited about bonus features from time to time.

Base gameplay is where you’ll spend most your time, but there’s some added excitement to be had.

The shaman symbol is wild, meaning it can replace any other in hopes of forming a winning reel combo. Since it can appear on any reel, keep your eyes open.

There is also a scatter symbol, which appears as a star on the reels. These don’t need to be lined up in a row in order for you to win. Instead, all it takes is three of these to activate the free spin bonus round.

With 10 free spins to your name, you can spin the reels without any fear of losing money. Even better, any wild symbol you collect on reels two, three, four, and five are stacked.

Win Big with a Shaman’s Dream Slot Machine

Like most players, you’re attracted to the games that payout the most money. This is yet another reason to give Shaman’s Dream some of your time.

Not only can you win thousands of dollars in base gameplay, but the free spin bonus feature gives you more hope.

Here’s a video of a player having quite a bit of good luck. With a total win of 6,940 credits, it’s easy to see how much money can come your way when everything works in your favor.

Play Online for Free and Real Money

There aren’t many things more exciting than playing a Shaman’s Dream slot game in a land based casino. However, there’s something else to consider: you can play online for free or real money.

When you don’t have time to visit a casino, when you’d rather play from the comfort of your home, the internet version of this game is a great place to start.

Playing for free allows you to learn a lot about the game, all without the fear that you will drain your account.

For those who are legally permitted to play online with real money, this game should be at the top of your list. It plays the same as the land based version, so there isn’t much of a learning curve.

Our Thoughts on Shaman’s Dream

There’s a lot to think about when choosing a slot machine. Maybe you’re in the process of comparing free slot games, meaning that you’ll focus more on the theme and experience. Or maybe you want to play with real money, meaning that bonus rounds and extra features are most important to you.

Regardless of what you hope to accomplish, it’s our opinion that Shaman’s Dream is one of the top Aristocrat slot games.

From the theme to Reel Power technology, from the free spin bonus to base game payouts, there’s nothing to turn you off.