The Big Bopper Slots

As you review the many slot machines developed by Realtime Gaming (RTG), one thing always stands out: the variety of the themes.

With The Big Bopper slot machine, for example, you’re taken back in time to the 1950’s where rock and roll was all the rage. Past that, you can play Texan Tycoon slots, giving you a taste of what life was like when drilling for oil was the thing to do.

Who is The Big Bopper?

Depending on when you were born, you may not fully understand the theme of this online slot game.

Based on the life of Jiles Perry “J. P.” Richardson Jr., also known as The Big Bopper, you’ll soon learn more about this musician than you ever imagined possible. Despite the fact that he died in a plane crash at the young age of 28, Richardson will always be a big part of the music scene (especially in the United States).

Classic Meets Modern

Based on the theme alone, you probably realize that The Big Bopper slots has a classic look and feel. From the moment you sit down to play, you’ll feel like you’ve taken a step back into a time when music was the “be all end all.”

In addition to the graphics and sounds associated with The Big Bopper himself, all of the reel symbols are as expected and based on the music industry. There’s a guitar, musical note, record, and a microphone (among others).

The Big Bopper slots gameEven with the classic theme, RTG did things right by adding a variety of modern features.

The paylines may not be adjustable, but the betting denominations are flexible. You can place the following wagers:

  • $.30
  • $.60
  • $.90
  • $1.20
  • $1.50
  • $1.80
  • $2.10
  • $2.40
  • $2.70
  • $3.00
  • $7.50

It’s definitely not the cheapest online video slot, but at the same time it’s not the most expensive either. If you’re willing to wager the maximum of $7.50/spin, you put yourself in position to win a payout that will have you feeling like music royalty.

A Free Big Bopper Slot Machine Experience

You don’t have to put any money into this game in order to enjoy the experience. Instead, RTG has made it available to players for free and real money.

Personally, we love the fact that you can play for free before taking a risk. This gives you the opportunity to better understand the details of the game. And of course, it’s the perfect choice for players who can’t deposit real money because of where they live.

Dance to the Music

With a variety of powerful features, your head will be bobbing to the music as the reels spin.

Although there is no progressive jackpot – which we consider the biggest disappointment of the game – there is a randomly triggered bonus feature that generates additional excitement.

If you want even more, you should continue to play until you reach the Chantilly Lace free spin round. Named after The Big Bopper’s most famous song, you’ll continue to rack up the spins and wins as long as Richardson is belting out the tunes. With the possibility for up to 45 free spins and a 10x multiplier, the potential offered by this bonus feature is top of the line.

Final Review

When you play Big Bopper slots online by RTG, you’re greeted by six reels of action packed excitement.

At SlotsJack, we can’t think of a better theme for a slot machine. Sure, this shows our age a bit, but that shouldn’t stop you from playing. Even if you aren’t familiar with his music, the features of the game will keep you involved.

We are big fans of the graphics and audio, but that’s only the start. The free and real money versions are both big hits, and the same holds true for the free spin game. Add this to the ability to play via mobile devices – think about spinning the reels on your iPhone – and you have something the Bopper himself would be proud of!