Treasures of Troy Slot Machine

It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of Greek mythology or have never studied this subject matter, you can play a Treasures of Troy slot machine and have a good time doing so.

Like many of the most popular slots, this game is developed by IGT. Rather than use another “played out” theme, the company decided to take things to the next level.

Troy is known as a Bronze Age city that played a big part in the Trojan War. Maybe you believe the city existed or maybe you don’t. Either way, this won’t change the way you play the game, the excitement that is sure to follow, and the amount of money you can win.

In simple terms, Treasures of Troy slots are powered by 40 paylines with 1,024 ways to win. With players looking for more ways to win, this is a setup that IGT has implemented in many of its most popular games.

As you play, you’ll soon feel as if you’re taking part in the Trojan War. Of course, there is one big difference: you aren’t scared for your life, but instead in position to win tens of thousands of dollars (or more).

How to Play Treasures of Troy Slots

As expected, the reel symbols of the game are based entirely on Greek mythology, including: Helen of Troy, Paris of Troy, and Menelaus among others.

While the symbols are enough to make the theme realistic, IGT didn’t stop there. Instead, the audio and graphics perfectly match the Greek theme, ensuring that you never forget what game you are playing.

There are many reasons for the popularity of Treasures of Troy slots, but it’s the ability to win a jackpot of 200,000 credits that keeps players coming back for more. Other key features of the game, as shared by IGT, include:

  • Payback percentage between 90 percent and 98 percent.
  • Medium bonus hit frequency.
  • Typically setup by the casino to be a penny slot machine.

You can play a Treasures of Troy slot machine with the idea that you are going all in, hoping to win the jackpot. Or you can make your money last longer, such as by wagering a penny per payline and hoping to slowly build your account balance.

The Free Spin Bonus Round

Unlike many casino games, this one only features a single bonus round. Fortunately, it’s everything you could want.

As a free spin bonus round, you have the opportunity to play with the casino’s money. This game is activated when you receive three or more Trojan Horse symbols.

You can win up to 20 initial free spins, however, these can be retriggered along the way. With some luck on your side, you can win up to 130 free spins in a single bonus round.

Trojan War Details

When playing a Treasures of Troy slot game it’s hard not to think of the Trojan War. After all, the entire theme of the machine is based around this part of Greek mythology.

Here are some Trojan War details that are worth remembering:

  • The war was fought between the people of Troy and the Greeks.
  • The gods supposedly took sides in the war, with Ares and Aphrodite siding with the Trojans and Athena and Hera on the side of the Greeks.
  • The site of Troy is believed to be in present-day western Turkey.

Knowledge of the Trojan War is not required to play this slot machine, but it’ll definitely give you a better understanding of the theme, reel symbols, audio, and graphics.

A Big Treasures of Troy Slot Machine Win

There is a lot to like about this game, but the massive jackpot is hard to overlook. I’ve never been lucky enough to hit for 200,000 credits, but the last time I played this game everything went my way.

After putting $50 into a Treasures of Troy machine, I hit a rough patch. But just as quickly as things took a downturn, everything turned for the better. My first big win was for $100. From there, I lost and won a few bucks.

Right before moving on, with about $110 in the plus column, I hit for $575. It wasn’t my biggest win at an IGT machine, but it was an experience I’ll always remember.

Final note: if Treasures of Troy slots aren’t your thing, experiment with a Cleopatra slot machine. This game has a similar theme, including an exciting free spin bonus round.