Triple Diamond Slots

Imagine this: you find yourself inside the Bellagio casino, faced with more than 2,000 of the most modern slot machines in the world. The lights are bright, the sounds are loud, and everyone is hoping to hit it big. As exciting as this may be, there is something to be said for playing a classic machine, such as Triple Diamond slots.

Most casinos have replaced older slot machines with video based games that offer all the bells and whistles. Even so, this one game, thanks to its theme and long history of success, remains a player favorite.

IGT continues to release new updates to its famous Triple Diamond slot machine. It has been available in hundreds of casinos across the world for many years, and it’s safe to say that this will hold true well into the future.

The Triple Diamond Slot Game has been Updated

Despite the fact that the theme is the same, this game has been updated by IGT over the years. The most recent version is the best yet, thanks in large part to the classic look and feel combined with modern features. In other words, it’s the best of both worlds.

With a 3-reel, 9-payline setup, this game is not nearly as advanced as others, such as Buffalo slots and its 1,024 ways to win. But don’t let this fool you. As a 45-coin game on the S2000 platform, your experience is sure to be exciting from beginning to end.

Here is a list of additional features and details of the game:

  • Classic slot symbols, such as: diamonds, 7’s, and many types of bars.
  • A 45-credit maximum wager, which many players still consider the “sweet spot.”
  • The number of credits bet on each payline multiplies line wins, making it easier to score big prizes.

The game is simple and to the point, but that doesn’t mean IGT has left well enough alone over the years. Through various updates, Triple Diamond slots continue to hold its own on even the most crowded casino floors.

Many Ways to Win

You know you’ll have fun playing this game, but what you really care about is winning. While there are many winning symbol combinations, here are three things that you want to watch for:

  • The Triple Diamond symbol will match any other symbol on a payline, thus multiplying the payout by 3x.
  • With two Triple Diamond symbols your payout is multiplied by 9x.
  • Even when you land one or two Triple Diamond symbols on a payline with no other winners, you still receive a handsome reward.

How do you win the top prize? This is easy: you must make a maximum bet and then land three Triple Diamond symbols in a line on the ninth payline.

Play for Free Online

Online players have the option to play Triple Diamonds for free or with real money. While you may not be the type to play for free, don’t overlook the benefits of doing so.

This game is enjoyable even if you don’t have any money on the line. And here is why: it’s a classic game that never gets old. Even when the reels are spinning for fun, the experience is exhilarating from start to finish.

Also, don’t overlook the ability to learn without the stress of potentially losing money. When you play a free game, you have time to pay attention to the details. You don’t have to worry about winning or losing, but can instead focus on the symbols, how you can win, how much to bet, and other similar information.

Why Diamonds?

When you think of casinos and slot machines, one word probably comes to mind: money.

And when you think of diamonds, another word probably comes to mind: valuable.

Add all this together, and it only makes sense that a diamond themed game would be appealing to players. When you consider the fact that Triple Diamond slots have been a favorite for many years, this suggestion holds true.

Here are a few facts about diamonds that you may not know:

  • Natural diamonds are formed at depths of up to 120 miles in the Earth’s mantle.
  • The GIA Clarity Scale is made up of 11 grades, ranging from Flawless (FL) to I3.
  • The world’s largest diamond was found in 1905. As a 3,106-carat diamond, it weighed 1.33 pounds and was named the “Cullinan.”

Now do you see why this game remains such a big hit?

Play a Classic Triple Diamond Slot Machine

It’s easy to be attracted to the newest games in a land based or online casino, but don’t overlook old time favorites.

Triple Diamond is a great game for new and experienced players, regardless of how much you are willing to wager. Add in many ways to win, big payouts, and a classic theme, and you have a machine that will continue to attract large numbers of players.