Triple Red Hot 777 Slot Machine

IGT games have been and always will be among the most popular at any casino. This is particularly true when you’re talking about a Triple Red Hot 777 slot machine.

With a traditional 3-reel, 5-payline setup, this game will take you back to a simpler time. While it lacks sophistication and modern features, it remains one of the top games IGT has ever released to the public.

Classic slot machine games are making a comeback, both at land based and online casinos, thanks to the ease of play, big payouts, and extra features.

Instead of providing hundreds of ways to win, Triple Red Hot 777 slots take a different approach. This game is all about the features in addition to base gameplay, such as free spins, multipliers, and bonus symbols among others (more on this below).

Big Time Prizes

Let’s face it: some of the most modern slot machines can be difficult to play. This is due in large part to the number of reels and paylines. You’ll never run into this issue with Triple Red Hot 777.

As a 3-reel slot game, winning a prize is simple. All you have to do is collect three of the same symbols on the same payline. You can even win a prize with two identical symbols.

It doesn’t matter if you are in base gameplay or the free spin feature, pay close attention to the Red Hot Triple Red 7’s symbol. This is the one that will land you a top prize of 150x your wager.

Note: three Red Hot Double Red 7’s symbols win you 80x your bet, and three Red Hot Single Red 7’s win you 40x your wager.

But the action doesn’t stop there. Consider this:

  • Any payline of mixed 7’s results in 5x your bet.
  • Three white 7’s is good for 20x your bet.
  • Three blue 7’s is good for 25x your bet.

Even when you aren’t winning big with a multiplier, two Red Hot Triple 7’s is enough to add 10 coins to your account. This may not be the biggest win, but it’s more than enough to “keep you in the game.”

It’s nice to be able to play a classic slot machine that provides multiple ways of winning. You don’t have to worry about all the bells and whistles, but the opportunity for big time prizes still exists. For many players, this is the best of both worlds.

More Features

At this point, you’re probably wondering how IGT was able to pack so many features into a classic game. But guess what? There’s even more.

For instance, bonus symbols instantly award you free spins as well as a multiple of your wager. While you’re awarded seven free spins to start, you have the opportunity to retrigger the bonus up to 100 times, for a total of 700 free spins. How long would it take you to get through all of these?

Adding to the action, free spins have a Spitfire Multiplier, meaning your winnings can quickly be multiplied up to 7x.

Reasons to Play Triple Red Hot 777 Slots

We’ve discussed the features. We’ve talked about how much money you can win with some luck on your side. Now, it’s time to examine five of the best reasons to play this game:

  • Classic layout that attracts players of all ages and playing styles.
  • Easy to understand base gameplay and bonus features.
  • Variety of betting options, with the ability to wager anywhere from 5 to 100 coins per payline. You can also bet on one payline, all five, or any number in between.
  • Many ways to win big.
  • Available in most land based casinos, typically in large groupings.

On the surface, these reasons should be good enough for you to give Triple Red Hot 777 slot machines a try. However, you’ll never fully understand the game and all its features until you sit down, spin the reels, and experience the many joys of playing.

A SlotsJack Top Choice

IGT has never struggled when it comes to releasing unique games that attract and engage a large audience of players. This is because the company knows what players want and how to give it to them.

The simplicity of this machine is more than enough to get people excited. From there, once the reels begin to spin, it’s the features and large payouts that keep them around for a long time. It’s also what draws players back to the game on future casino visits.

From the ability to win up to 700 free spins to multipliers that quickly boost your winnings, when you play a Triple Red Hot 777 slot machine you never know what’s coming next. This game is on fire!