Water Dragons Slot Machine

You have to give IGT credit for getting creative when designing its slot machines. Rather than go down the same path with each game, the company always finds a way to bring something fresh to the casino – and that’s what really gets players excited.

Water Dragons is a video slot machine with a Chinese theme, big payouts, exciting bonus games, and much more. The uniqueness of this game is similar to what you will find with Black Widow slots.

In the early days, you could only find a Water Dragons slot machine in land based casinos. However, in 2013, this all changed. It was then that an online version reached the public, making it possible to play for free or real money.

Features and Playing Options

Let’s start out by talking about the name of this popular game. For many years, Chinese legend has said that a Koi that climbs a waterfall on the Yellow River would no longer be a fish. Instead, it would become a dragon.

The theme relates to all of the symbols used in Water Dragons slots, including: Koi fish, water lilies, pearls, dragonflies, bonsai trees, and plants. And of course, the Water Dragons logo plays a big part in the game.

As a 5-reel, 30-payline machine, Water Dragons is simple to play and understand. Furthermore, it is a penny game, making it easy for players of all budget levels to get involved.

Other key features of a Water Dragons game, as shared by IGT, include:

  • Maximum bet of 600 credits (some machines are set to 300 credits by the casino).
  • Payback percentage between 85.5 percent and 96 percent.
  • Top award of 30,000 credits when the maximum credits are bet per payline.
  • Base game hit frequency of 37 percent when maximum paylines are played.
  • Bonus hit frequency is low.
  • Volatility index is high.
  • Player selected multi-denomination game.

These features provide a high level overview of the game, including how to bet and what to expect in terms of percentages when playing.

Bonus Games

Base gameplay provides plenty of fun and the opportunity to win 30,000 credits. For more excitement, IGT decided to add a few bonus games.

Here is what you are looking for: three pearl symbols on any position, regardless of the reel. When this occurs, you will receive 15 free spins. Furthermore, you are awarded a scatter pay that multiples your payout by 3x.

Note: you are able to retrigger the bonus multiple times, for a maximum of 225 free spins. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does you will find yourself playing with the casino’s money for a long time.

During the bonus round pearl symbols turn other symbols wild, which leads to bigger and more frequent wins.

Play Water Dragons for Free Online

Since rolling out an online version of the game, players across the world have fallen in love with the convenience, theme, and bonuses.

For those times when you don’t feel like wagering real money, some online casinos offer the ability to play Water Dragons for free. There are many reasons to do so, such as:

  • To learn more about the game, including which strategy puts you in position to succeed.
  • To better understand the bonus games, such as how the retrigger feature works.
  • To have an enjoyable experience without any stress over losing money.

A Unique Theme for an Interesting Game

At first, you may not understand what the “water dragons” theme is all about. And then you sit down, spin the reels, and let the action unfold. At that point, everything will come together.

It doesn’t matter if you play this game at MotorCity Casino in Detroit or one of many online casinos, a Water Dragons slot machine guarantees an interesting experience. With a little bit of luck on your side, you could find yourself cashing out up to 30,000 credits.