Wizard of Oz Slots – The Yellow Brick Road to Riches

Lions and tigers, and bears, oh my! When you play Wizard of Oz slots, you’ll be constantly reminded of famous scenes from one of the greatest movies of all time.

When WMS Gaming decided to release this game to the public, it had to know just how well it would be received. After all, there aren’t many movie themes that would garner as much attention as this one.

From day one, Wizard of Oz slot machines have been popular among players of all ages and skill levels. And it’s not just because the theme is unforgettable. It is the many features of the game that will keep you coming back for more.

Note: if you want to get a close up look at Wizard of Oz slots, this official video from WMS is a good place to start.

Reasons to Play a Wizard of Oz Slot Machine

Developed by WMS, you can be rest assured that this slot machine is full of top quality graphics, killer audio, and a variety of extras that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

To start, all your favorite characters play big parts in the game. For example, some of the symbols include: Dorothy, Toto, Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow, the Wicked Witch of the West, and ruby slippers.

With 5 reels and 30 paylines, every Wizard of Oz slot machine has a standard setup that most players are familiar with. This makes it simple to get started without any confusion.

Wagers range from a single penny to $5 per payline, making the game affordable for all players. Your biggest decision is how much money to bet, followed by how many paylines you want to activate.

A maximum wager of $150 means that you can quickly win or lose a lot of money. It all depends on how much of a risk you are willing to take.

For those who subscribe to the “go big or go home philosophy,” a $150 wager gives you the opportunity to win as much as $50,000. It may not be the largest jackpot, but it hits more often than in many other games. For instance, it is notoriously difficult to hit the jackpot when playing CSI slots. The same can’t be said for Wizard of Oz, and that’s a good thing.

Two Exciting Bonus Rounds

The official WMS webpage for Wizard of Oz slots describes the two bonus rounds in great detail. These include:

  • Flying Monkey Bonus. With this bonus, you are awarded eight free spins. During this round, the Flying Monkey Wild Feature often comes into plays. If this happens, anywhere from 2 to 15 reel symbols are turned wild, increasing your chance of winning big.
  • Road to Emerald City Bonus. As you select emeralds on the screen, you will be awarded a credit amount, the Emerald City, or a particular character. Selecting Emerald City leads you to the Wizard of Oz, where you have the chance to receive a character award.

It is these types of bonus games that allow Wizard of Oz slot machines to stand out from the crowd. You may never win the $50,000 jackpot, but you’ll always have the opportunity to enter a bonus round, during which time you can land a four-figure (or more) payout.

Fun Facts About the Wizard of Oz Movie

Released on August 25, 1939, Wizard of Oz is a timeless classic that will never get old. While most people are familiar with the characters, famous sayings, and basic plot, there are a variety of fun facts and figures to read over:

  • The budget for the movie was $2.8 million, but as of 2014 it had earned $247.1 million (adjusted) at the box office.
  • Wizard of Oz has been re-released many times over the years, such as its IMAX 3-D release in 2013.
  • The movie first appeared on television in 1956.
  • Many famous songs came from the movie, including: Over the Rainbow, Follow the Yellow Brick Road, and We’re Off to See the Wizard.

Along with the above, Wizard of Oz has received a variety of awards:

  • Academy Award for: Best Song (Over The Rainbow) and Best Original Score.
  • Entertainment Weekly’s 100 Greatest Films.

Some movies come in with a bang, but quickly fizzle out. This hasn’t been the case with Wizard of Oz. It’s almost 100 years old and is still going as strong as it was on day one.

It’s Time to Play Wizard of Oz Slots

Most players know all about the real money version of this game, as WMS has machines in casinos all over the world.

However, you can also play for free online. You can’t win any real money while doing so, but it’s a great way to have fun, sharpen your skills, and learn more about how the game works.

Adding to the many features is a mobile-friendly version of the game, meaning that you can play online from your smartphone or tablet. All you need is Adobe Flash Player to get started.

Immediately upon sitting down at a Wizard of Oz slot machine, you will feel a chill go up your spine. Soon enough, you find yourself in the game, almost as if you are Dorothy herself.

If you play long enough, you have a good chance of taking home nice winnings, thanks to several high paying bonus rounds as well as a top jackpot of $50k.