Wolf Run Slots

Wolf Run slots will never be mistaken for the most modern or technologically advanced game at a casino. But even though this machine is a bit dated, it’s still one of the best in the IGT lineup.

High quality graphics and audio make a slot machine more enjoyable, but this isn’t what really gets players excited. Instead, that job is reserved for high payouts, bonus rounds, and other ways of winning money. And that is exactly what this game is all about.

From scatters to wilds from free spins to a retriggering option, the experience is nothing but the best.

How to Play a Wolf Run Slot Machine

As a 5-reel, 40-payline slot machine from IGT, you know exactly what you are getting. This is a traditional setup, despite the fact that the theme itself is 100 percent unique.

If you are frightened of wolves, now is the time to put this fear in the past once and for all. As you become familiar with the graphics and the sound of howling wolves, you’ll come to enjoy this animal and all that it stands for.

Wolf Run slot reel symbols include many variations of wolves, such as: a wolf howling at the moon, a white wolf, and a black wolf. Playing cards make up the rest of the reel symbols, including: 9, 10, jack, queen, king, and ace.

Since wolves do most their hunting at night, it’s only natural for this game to be set to a dark and dusty theme. Even with a black background there are plenty of colors to go around, thanks to blues, greens, and purples flashing on the reels.

The howling wolf symbol is the most powerful, as it can replace any other symbol, except the bonus, and is your ticket to the Free Spins bonus game.

According to IGT, there is a payback percentage of between 87.5 percent and 98 percent. Also, Wolf Run slots are high on the company’s volatility index.

Here are some other points that will help you understand base gameplay:

  • Most Wolf Run games are penny slots.
  • Maximum bet of 800 credits.
  • A top award of 1,000 with one credit bet per payline.
  • A base game hit frequency of 25 percent when maximum paylines are played.
  • Math model based on the popular Coyote Moon video slot machine.

As you can see, a Wolf Run slot machine is the perfect choice for all types of players. From those on a tight budget to those hoping to bet and win big, there is something for everyone. This flexibility has gone a long way in helping the game become so popular in both land based and online casinos.

Run for the Free Spins

As you run away from the wolves, run towards the Free Spins bonus round. This is where the real action is found, as it increases your chance of winning big money in a short period of time.

Five free spins are awarded when you land three bonus symbols on reels two, three and four. Any win during the free spin bonus game results in a 2x multiplier, immediately doubling your payout.

Get this: you can retrigger the bonus round by landing three additional bonus symbols during a free spin. These are also tied to a 2x multiplier.

While it’s not easy to access, the boosted stacked wilds feature is what dreams are made of. This bonus can show up on any of the five reels, so be sure to keep your eyes open. If you are lucky enough to receive multiple stacked wilds symbols, your winnings are boosted – and not just by a few dollars!

Play to Suit Your Budget

You have to do what’s best for your budget and playing style, but here’s one point of advice that allows you to maximize your winning potential: play all 40 paylines. When doing so, you can adjust the wager per line to match your budget.

Maybe you only want to bet one credit per payline. Or maybe you want to go for broke, placing a total bet of 2,000 coins. It’s up to you, but always remember that the more you bet the more you can win.

Free Wolf Run Slots are Fun

You won’t find free Wolf Run slots in a brick and mortar casino, such as Choctaw Casino Resort, but this game is found in plenty of online establishments.

While you always have the option to play with real money online, some people aren’t interested in this. They would rather play for free, and here is why:

  • Free or real money, this game is designed for thrills.
  • Playing for free eliminates the risk of losing money.
  • Free play affords you the chance to learn more about Wolf Run slot machines, such as how to earn free spins, what the symbols stand for, and much more. This knowledge will increase your odds of winning real money games in the future.

If you want to play online for free, search a variety of casinos until you find the one that offers this game, among many others.

Why a Wolf?

IGT has many slot machine games based on animals, but there is something about this one that makes it special. And that something is its focus on the wolf, which is one of the most interesting mammals in the world.

From its howl, which is used to communicate, to its size and speed, the wolf is not commonly mistaken for any other animal. Furthermore, there are many types of wolves, such as the red wolf that is trying to be saved from extinction.

As scary as wolves may be in real life, IGT realized it would make the perfect character for a slot machine game, and boy were they right.

Give this Game a Go

There are more advanced slot machines at most casinos, but this one continues to attract players due to its simple interface, betting options, and free spins feature.

If you are looking for a game that will fit your budget, bring excitement into your life, and give you the chance to win big money, you don’t have to look any further than Wolf Run slots.