Hangover Slot Machine

IGT is never one to sit back and let a competitor beat it to a sure fire hit. For this reason, the company pushed Hangover slots to the market in 2009, right around the time the first installment of the movie was released.

Just the same as other games based on television shows and movies, this one has achieved great success over the years.

Due to the fact that the Hangover Trilogy was well received at the box office, it is only natural that this machine has attracted large numbers of players since day one.

But remember this: there is more to a Hangover slot machine than the theme. This game has made a name for itself thanks to its large jackpots, video clips, advanced audio, and bonus rounds.

The Joy of Playing Hangover Slots

Before we get into the finer details of this game, it’s important to note that you can have an enjoyable time even if you have never seen one minute of this movie series. It’s one of those games that is simple to play, regardless of how much experience or knowledge you have.

When IGT released Hangover video slots to the public, it promptly marketed it as “the funniest slot ever made.” And there is good reason for this: the video clips and audio are sure to keep you cracking up with every spin of the reels.

Some of the key features of the game include:

  • Voiceover provided by Ken Jeong.
  • Multi-level progressive.
  • Four distinct bonus rounds (more on these below)
  • Recognizable symbols, including but not limited to: movie characters and storyline icons. Note: there are also a variety of bonus symbols.

With a MultiPLAY setup, operators have the ability to customize the gaming experience. For this reason, the way you play Hangover slot machines in one casino may not be exactly the same as another.

Bonus Rounds

You’ll have a good time laughing it up during base gameplay, especially if you are adding money to your account. However, the action really picks up when you enter one of four character-themed progressive bonus rounds. These include:

  • The Villa bonus
  • Deal in the Desert bonus
  • Stun Gun bonus
  • Pick a Tooth bonus

Each of these bonus features provides a one-of-a-kind experience. With enough time at a machine, you’ll likely have your chance to play each one.

All four games are meant to add excitement while boosting your winnings. For example, the Villa bonus is a player favorite.

It begins by showing an image of a villa filled with various items. Your job is simple: touch the screen to reveal the credits behind each object. Don’t be surprised if you pick up hundreds of credits along the way.

For big fans of the movie, the Pick a Tooth bonus is second to none. As you enter this bonus round, you are shown five teeth on the screen. You can pick one, which will reveal your winnings.

The nice thing about each Hangover slot bonus round is the simplicity. You don’t have to jump through hoops to play and collect credits. Everything is laid out for you in a simplified manner.

Where to Play this Game

So, you’ve decided you want to play Hangover slots. This is a great decision, as it is truly one of the best games IGT has ever released. Now, you have a question to answer: where can you find one of these games?

Due to its popularity, many casinos have a large grouping of these machines. For example, if you find yourself in Atlantic City or Las Vegas, it won’t be a challenge to locate this game at one of the more popular casinos.

Visit Mohegan Sun

If you have never visited Casino of the Sky at Mohegan Sun, you are missing out on the time of your life. It’s home to 2,000+ slots, including several Hangover machines. Here’s what the casino has to say about this game:

  • 5-reel, 40-payline setup
  • 50-credit machine
  • Wide-area progressive jackpot
  • Stacked symbols for bigger winnings
  • Full of iconic images and film clips

You don’t have to play at Casino of the Sky, but it’s one of the best places to become familiar with Hangover slots.

Movie Statistics and Facts

Why would a game based on a movie have so much success as a slot machine? This is a great question, and the following data should clear the air:

  • A $35 million budget for the first film led to earnings of $467.5 million at the box office.
  • It’s the best selling comedy of all time on Blue-ray and DVD.

Along with the above, here are just a few of the awards the first film won:

  • American Cinema Editors Awards: Best Edited Feature Film – Comedy or Musical
  • Detroit Film Critics Society: Best Ensemble
  • Golden Globe Awards: Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
  • Louis Gateway Film Critics Association Awards: Best Comedy

Along with the accolades for the first movie, the second and third installment were also well received.

While the storyline was well conceived, it was the actors and actresses on the screen that turned this movie into a cult classic. Some of the biggest names in the film include:

  • Bradley Cooper
  • Ed Helms
  • Heather Graham
  • Jeffrey Tambor
  • Justin Bartha
  • Zach Galifianakis

By bringing these characters to life through its slot machine game, IGT has been able to attract a huge audience of players from all over the world. People remember laughing at their antics on the big screen, and this is what brings them to play a Hangover slot machine in a casino.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

If you want to play a Hangover slot machine, you’ll need to visit a land based casino that offers this game. As noted above, you should have no problem finding this game, as it’s considered to be one of the biggest hits the gaming industry has experienced.

It’s okay to sit down and spin the reels because of the theme, but you’ll soon find there is more to it than that. If you like plenty of action, multiple bonus rounds, and the chance to win a progressive jackpot, this machine will never disappoint.

Give Hangover slots a try and you may soon consider it your favorite game of all time. Even though the original movie was released in 2009, it remains a hit. It’s safe to say that this game will experience the same type of longevity. This is a good thing for IGT and players alike.

Final note: if you want to learn more about this game, watch the official YouTube video. It provides an inside look at how to play, how to win, and much more.